Africa Flooding – Malawi Suffers Serious Flooding

Intense rainfall causes severe flooding

Malawi’s rainy season arrives in December and continues through until March. It is usually brings fairly heavy but predictable rainfall which is relied upon for the growth of crops which then sustains the population throughout the dry months. However, this year’s rainy season has seen exceptionally intense rainfall devastating local communities, killing nearly 200 people and displacing over 200,000.

In addition the flooding has devastated many areas of agricultural land, destroying many vital sources of food. Maize fields have been ruined by the floods and without this staple food, many people are going hungry and with no food for the coming year. The effects to agriculture aren’t just limited to the loss of crops in the short term but also a loss of livelihood for many families, as farming is often the only source of income for the people of Malawi.

Disaster zone

In January, the government declared a third of the country to be a disaster zone and appealed for help. Large areas of land in southern Malawi were completely submerged and due to the destruction of some main roads, rescue operations proved challenging.

How you can show your support

Aid is arriving, but it in order for the affected areas to return to their former state, there has to be a continuous structure of support for years to come. It is more important than ever to show your support to the people of Malawi.

You can help by giving your time as a volunteer, assisting in many areas that will help the people of Malawi get their lives back together.

Check out our Malawi volunteer projects.

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