Want a career break?

Career break, sabbatical, grown up or adult gap year; these terms all amount to pretty much the same thing.

Volunteer career breaks

Taking a career break is a life changing decision and has a number of positives for both you and your employer if you are planning on returning to your job. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you spend every working minute watching the clock; you may just feel a bit of a break is due and plan to come back to your job refreshed and inspired.

Whether you want to return to the same job, or quit and look for something else later, volunteering as part of your career break is a rewarding and worthwhile experience. It’s also easier to convince an employer that what you are doing is constructive and likely to benefit you in terms of personal development and hence the company that you work for. A career break does not necessarily mean taking a whole year off work if you are concerned about other responsibilities at home and making such a big commitment. You can volunteer on our projects in Africa for as little as 4 weeks.

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Lake Malawi Medical Volunteer Project
Lake Malawi Medical Volunteer Project

This is a diverse medical volunteer and health care project with huge potential to improve the standard of primary care and support provided to rural communities in Malawi.

Kenya Community Outreach Volunteers
Kenya Community Outreach Volunteers

The Kenya Community Outreach and Orphan Education Project is an exceptional and varied rural community upliftment programme.

Career Breaks – Information for Employers

There are a few advantages for employers offering career breaks. If employees are considering a career break it does not necessarily mean that they are unhappy in their career. In fact, having a career break policy can improve staff retention rates and loyalty. The costs of recruiting new staff members are high and often much greater than permitting a career break in keeping with a structured policy.

There are additional related benefits of a career break policy in terms of recruitment, keeping staff with valuable business knowledge and established relationships with customers and suppliers. Depending on the purpose of a career break staff may gain, or develop skills, such as communication and leadership and gain greater confidence. They are also likely to return refreshed and motivated.

If you are interested in offering a career break scheme for employees, or are interested in potential team building, or incentive programmes please do contact us to discuss the opportunities that we can offer.

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