Volunteer Projects

We offer various volunteer projects in Africa from teaching to medical.

Volunteer Project Areas

We offer volunteer projects in Africa in the above fields. However, if you have an area of interest that is not listed, or a specialist skill then please contact us to discuss the volunteering opportunities available. We can often arrange tailored volunteer placements, depending upon your experience, or group size. For example, building projects are always going on in the regions that we are involved, but these require proper planning and the focus changes, as the work is completed.

Volunteer teaching

Assist with teaching in schools, nurseries, orphanages, street kids centres, or adult education – English, computers, maths, drama, art, crafts and more.

Community outreach projects

Whether or not you have specific skills, your time, energy and enthusiasm can help to make a difference on our community outreach projects in Africa.

Medical & healthcare

Whether you are qualified, a medical student, have experience, or an interest in the medical, or related fields we have suitable projects for you.

Wildlife & conservation
Get involved with research, or conservation work to protect Africa’s wildlife, natural areas and resources and learn a little about eco-tourism and its benefits.

Sports coaching

If you have coaching skills, or simply enjoy playing sport then you can get involved. Sports include football, netball, volleyball, basketball and more.
Tours & volunteer travel
If you would like to travel and see a little more of Africa pre- or post- your volunteer project with us we can help you to arrange this and have provided a few ideas here.
Need some help choosing the right project for you?