Volunteer Community Outreach

Community outreach volunteer projects have a very broad remit in Africa.

Community Outreach Projects

Volunteers may assist in providing support, education, and the means by which vulnerable and disadvantaged individuals, groups and communities living in extreme poverty may become self-sustaining. The project areas that you may be involved with include child nutrition, agriculture training, water and sanitation, HIV/AIDS awareness, sexual health education, vocational training, and income generating schemes, to list just a few.

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Lake Malawi Medical Volunteer Project
Lake Malawi Medical Volunteer Project

This is a diverse medical volunteer and health care project with huge potential to improve the standard of primary care and support provided to rural communities in Malawi.

Kenya Community Outreach Volunteers
Kenya Community Outreach Volunteers

The Kenya Community Outreach and Orphan Education Project is an exceptional and varied rural community upliftment programme.

Community Outreach Projects – How you can help

Many countries in Africa are affected by poverty, disease, drought, famine and the associated problems. There is often a dramatic inequality in the distribution of wealth, with rural communities living in extreme poverty.  The aim of community outreach volunteer projects is to address some of these issues, assisting in the provision of basic human rights, such as food, shelter, education and health care.

The nature of our community outreach projects means that you will often be located in rural areas in Africa, where standards and conditions may be very different to those you are used to. You are likely to have experiences that will be emotionally challenging to deal with. However, the work that you will be involved with can be especially rewarding and we will help to make sure you are as prepared as possible for your volunteer project before you depart. Many practical or business skills can be applied to bring value to these projects, so please do enquire if you have a particular expertise, or interest.

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