Gap year in Africa

If you are planning to travel during your between school and University, or before taking up employment, then our Gap Year programs in Africa are an exciting, rewarding and worthwhile option to consider.

Take your gap year in Africa

The traditional Gap Year is considered as being taken before or after higher education. This is largely due to it being one of the easier times, in terms of commitments, to take a ‘gap’ of a few months to travel, or gain some life experience. People have different reasons or objectives for taking a Gap Year, but for most, getting away, broadening horizons, making new friends, experiencing adventure and having some fun after many years of study and exams comes into it.

A gap year in Africa ticks all of the above boxes and more. Volunteer programs often take you a little off the beaten track, so you will experience adventure and different cultures. You will also share these experiences with other like minded travellers on their gap year and volunteers often establish long-term friendships. Volunteer programs are also a lot of fun, you will have plenty of free time to relax and soak up the sunshine and we will help make sure you enjoy it.

Don’t get us wrong though, in exchange we will expect a commitment from you to help us achieve our project goals. If you are simply looking to party all day and all night then we’ll be honest in telling you that you are probably not in the right place! However, if you want a balance and to do something rewarding, where you may even discover, or develop a few hidden skills, talents, or greater confidence then please get in touch.

Volunteering in Africa, as part of your Gap Year travel, is something that will look positive on your CV as well; particularly if it is in a relevant field. That is another reason more and more ‘gappers’ are volunteering, or incorporating a project into their travel plans, or a round the world trip.

In summary, if you want to do something fun, rewarding, worthwhile, where you may learn new skills and that will look positive on your CV during your Gap Year then please contact us.

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Lake Malawi Medical Volunteer Project
Lake Malawi Medical Volunteer Project

This is a diverse medical volunteer and health care project with huge potential to improve the standard of primary care and support provided to rural communities in Malawi.

Lake Malawi Teaching Volunteer Project
Lake Malawi Teaching Volunteer Project

Make a genuine difference in the education and futures of local children, assisting the teachers in understaffed and under-resourced rural schools on the shores of Lake Malawi.

Tanzania Street Kids Sports Volunteer Project
Tanzania Street Kids Sports Volunteer Project

Coach sports activities, assist with basic education, help with homework and provide support where needed at the street kids centre.

Gap Year advice for parents

If you are a parent reading these pages and your children are considering joining one of our gap year programs we understand that you may have as many, or possibly more questions than they do. It may be the first time that they will have travelled independently and we appreciate that, as a parent, you are likely to be a little anxious about their safety and well being.

We take the safety and security of the volunteers on our programs very seriously. Please read the Why Choose Us page for some more information and feel free to call, or email us if you have any further questions that you would like us to answer.

Need some help choosing the right project for you?