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All children in Tanzania are entitled to free primary education. However, the reality is that limited resources, including teachers, books and classrooms, mean not all children are able to attend.

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Families must still pay for uniforms, books and enrolment fees, which orphaned children, or those that have run away from home, due to abuse, or other reasons, cannot usually afford.Street kids’ centres, such as the one in Mwanza, at which you may volunteer with us, aim to provide these children with a fixed address and the necessary support that they require to gain access to a basic education. Sports offer children from disadvantaged backgrounds an opportunity to become involved in positive activities and this is the focus of our volunteer programme in Tanzania.

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Tanzania Street Kids Sports Volunteer Project
Tanzania Street Kids Sports Volunteer Project

Coach sports activities, assist with basic education, help with homework and provide support where needed at the street kids centre.

Tanzania has experienced relative stability compared with many other African nations. However, the country has little in the way of exportable minerals, relying on tourism as one of its main sources of income and it remains one of the poorest countries in the world. Whilst the incidence of HIV/AIDS is relatively low, the majority of Tanzanians rely on subsistence farming for a living and many people live below the World Bank poverty line.

People drawn to the larger towns and cities for work find limited employment opportunities, which is one of the reasons for the large number of children living on the streets in cities such as Mwanza and why your help as a volunteer is vital.

Volunteer in Tanzania – A diverse and exciting country to explore

Tanzania is a diverse country, with many attractions for visitors to Africa, including Mount Kilimanjaro (Africa’s highest mountain), the Serengeti National Park, the Ngorongoro Crater and the ‘spice island’ of Zanzibar.

In the north-west of Tanzania lies Lake Victoria, the largest lake in Africa and second largest fresh water lake in the world. On its southern shores is the port city of Mwanza, known as the ‘Rock City’, surrounded by rocky outcrops and large boulders and the base of our Tanzania Street Kids Sports Volunteer Project. The city is well situated for exploring the region and only a little over 2 hours drive from the Serengeti; renowned for its vast grass plains and the great wildebeest migration.

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