Funding your volunteer programme

It might feel like the biggest challenge of volunteering is finding the money to pay for the trip in the first place, but you don’t need to let a lack of funds discourage you. Most of our volunteers raise some or all or the money they need in order to embark on their adventure.

Funding your volunteer programme

From working additional jobs, organising your own fundraising events, selling unwanted clothes, CDs and books there’s no limit to the number of ways you can go about raising some extra cash to offset the cost of your volunteer programme. Our resourceful volunteers have found many imaginative ways in which to raise the funds needed to get involved.

Sponsored events

Raise some money and get in shape at the same time by taking on a sponsored walk, run, swim, cycle or trek. There are plenty of organised events around or you could plan your own.

Giving up

Stop smoking, give up something you love like chocolate (for a limited time of course!) or have a sober month. By giving up something you enjoy doing, your friends and family will recognize just how passionate you are about making the trip happen.


Sell unwanted stuff! Clear out your old cupboards and make some space. Online sites like Mazuma Mobile and Music Magpie make it really easy to sell old phones, CDs and DVDs. Sell your old clothes on eBay or a whole host of Facebook pages; if you find one that’s local to you then the buyers will actually come and pick up from you, so you don’t even need to worry about posting.

Of course, no fundraising advice page would be complete without mentioning the obligatory car boot sale, but they are a great way to raise money by selling things you no longer need; even better if you can persuade your friends and family to donate their unwanted items too!

Office antics

Introduce a swear box, organise a cake sale or make and sell sandwiches for your colleagues’ lunches. There are plenty of ways to add to your fundraising pot.

Fund My Travel

Naturally Africa Volunteers has collaborated with FundMyTravel, so that potential volunteers can create their own fundraising pages online. Through your own fundraising page you can communicate personal messages, keep your audience up to date with your fundraising achievements and your travel plans and collect any donations.

Your page will allow you to collect funds straight into a PayPal or WePay account. The FundMyTravel team are all experienced travellers who have raised their own travel funds and can offer a wealth of valuable advice, support and insights for fundraising success.

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