Volunteer Medical and healthcare

Assist in hospitals, or rural medical clinics, gain medical experience and help with medical outreach work, community education, awareness and disease prevention.

Medical and healthcare volunteer Projects

Our medical projects are diverse and suitable for volunteers of all levels of experience, as you may help in different areas and roles. If you are a medical student hoping to gain some valuable experience, or volunteering as part of your medical elective, then we have suitable placements for you. We have projects, which can really use the skills of qualified volunteers, such as doctors, nurses, midwives, counsellors, physiotherapists, dentists and a whole range of professions. If you are unskilled, but have an interest and would like to assist in this field then you can also help in many project areas.

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Lake Malawi Medical Volunteer Project
Lake Malawi Medical Volunteer Project

This is a diverse medical volunteer and health care project with huge potential to improve the standard of primary care and support provided to rural communities in Malawi.

Namibia Medical Volunteer Project
Namibia Medical Volunteer Project

As a Namibia Medical Volunteer, you can make an important contribution to the improvement of health and welfare services for the local communities.

Why your help as a medical and healthcare volunteer is vital

Hospitals and clinics in Africa are often seriously understaffed, lacking in resources and welcome assistance from volunteers. As part of a well managed project we can provide effective support to these medical centres and provide you with invaluable experience, without imposing an even greater burden on already overworked staff.

Equally as vital are the medical outreach projects that you may be involved with. These involve education and awareness about preventable diseases, such as malaria and HIV/AIDS and care and support for those affected by them. Many people living in poverty do not have access to proper medical care and cannot, or will not, go to receive treatment. Voluntary and home based care programmes, providing basic training, can make a huge difference to the standard of living in these situations.

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