Health Benefits Of Volunteering Abroad


A study undertaken by medical review board has concluded that volunteering has numerous health benefits, but why? We all know the emotional benefits you receive from volunteering: a sense of self-worth, confidence building, a new perspective are to name but a few. However, the idea that it could actually improve your health seems a bit farfetched. Well, apparently it isn’t.

The Health Benefits of Volunteering in Africa

The review, which drew upon data from numerous scientific papers, found that those that volunteered lived longer and had few mental health issues than those that didn’t volunteer. To be more specific, the study discovered volunteers had a 20% lower risk of premature death, had a lower chance of becoming depressed, were generally happier and had stronger immune systems.

While the data does paint a rather positive picture of volunteering, the research is not totally understood yet. The cause of these health benefits is still unknown. To create accurate predictions the causes of this phenomena, more volunteers are needed from all walks of life. But, we should find out one day very soon.

What’s Behind These Health Benefits?

While there is no concrete evidence pointing towards, however, there are theories. The leading theory is that it is all down to biological makeup. The idea is that in those people who feel compelled to volunteer, the chemical components of the brain are stronger at coping with mental health issues and this therefore increases happiness levels. This not only guards against issues like depression but also diseases, as happiness is proven to boost your immune system. So, if you feel a yearning to help those in need, you might be in for a long and happy life.

If you want to experience the benefits of volunteering for yourself, then why not check out our current projects? Who knows, you could be doing some good and improving your health while you’re at it.

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