Computers arrive in Malawi

On Friday of last week the container, carrying 30 Viglen desktop computers and monitors donated by Solefield School in Sevenoaks, arrived safely in Malawi. The computers were unloaded at Malosa in southern Malawi, following a 12-week journey from Birmingham via Mozambique and transported by our project co-ordinators to Mangochi.

This is the first step of Naturally Africa Foundation’s Computers for Malawi programme, the aim of which is to provide computer education to primary and secondary school children who would otherwise not have access to a computer. The children will also benefit from further education via the host of resources and information that computers can provide for teaching a variety of subjects, such as English, maths, and science, as well as other important topics about the environment and health education, including HIV/AIDS and other common diseases. The computers are not intended to be limited to use by the school children only, but also to provide adult education classes to the wider community.

Fundraising efforts are underway for the construction of a suitable and secure building and to introduce electricity, in order to provide a permanent resource centre. More detailed information will be availabe through the website soon, including a Buy a Brick fundraiser page. Please also visit our Facebook page to read a recent article in the Courier about the Computers for Malawi programme.

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